Templating Checklist

To prepare for successful templating, please prepare by confirming all of the following steps have been taken before the measure tech arrives for the appointment:

  • Cabinets are installed and level
    • New cabinets must be structurally sound as well as plumb, level and secured to the wall and /or floor.
    • Cabinets must be level within 1/8-inch over 10 feet. Overhangs over 8 inches require corbels every 30 inches.
  • Existing countertops are clear
    • When measuring existing counters the entire surface must be cleared off to guarantee accurate measurements.
  • Sink is onsite
    • If you are supplying your sink it must be onsite for measuring. If Duracite is supplying it, we will bring it at the time of install.
    • If you are installing an undermount farmhouse/apron sink, it must be installed prior to measure.
  • Appliances are onsite
    • Includes cooktop/range, faucet, soap dispenser, etc.
  • Review project details
    • Please verify material color, edge detail, sink selection and all measurements with your technician while he/she is onsite.

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