Our Process

After you call to make an appointment, you may be wondering what the next steps are. The following are the usual steps that will be taken:

Phase 1: Template/Measure

This is when our measure technician will visit your home to create a field measure and/or template (footprint) of your countertop. During this time, they will also review your project order details and discuss any special installation requirements. Your new countertop will be custom-built to these specifications.

The Measure Technician will:

  • Measure your existing countertop and will create the field template.
  • Determine if your cabinets will support the new countertop.
  • Ask you to sign documents indicating approval of the countertop specifications, including edge detail, sink selection and splash.

To prepare for your template appointment, please remember:

  • All cabinetry and end panels must be completely installed (set & level).
  • Before your template, new or existing cabinets must be structurally sound as well as plumb, level and secured to the wall and/or floor.
  • If we are measuring over existing counters, please have counters completely cleared off.
  • All items to be installed/mounted on or adjacent to the countertop must be present at the job site. This includes sinks, faucets, appliances, cooktops, soap dispensers, etc.

Phase 2: Project Review

After the field template is completed, the final order will be adjusted for any changes to the initial estimate. If, during the review process, any changes are discovered that will impact the cost your sales associate will contact you. Please be aware that:

  • Payment of any balance due is necessary to proceed to the next step.
  • Once your order is settled, fabrication can begin and further changes to countertop specifications cannot be accepted.
  • During fabrication, your new countertops will be custom-built based on the specifications created during the template appointment and no changes will be made once production begins.

Phase 3: Installation

Our installation crew will visit your home and install your new countertop. Upon completion, the installer will remove all installation-related debris and return the work site to broom-clean condition.

To prepare for your countertop installation, please remember:

  • Remove all loose items. Move all throw rugs, plants and pet dishes to another area during construction.
  • Make arrangements to keep children and pets out of the construction area.

Appointment Requirements

Attendance: You or your designated decision maker (over age 18) must be present at all appointments and sign all required documents.
Safety: Please keep children and pets out of the work area for duration of the measure/installation.
Cancellations: Template cancellation requires one business day prior notice during normal business hours. Installation cancellations require three business days prior notice.
Trip Charges: Trip charges will be assessed if appointments must be rescheduled due to a) Failure to give required cancellation notice or b) Failure to meet all job site conditions required for the template/installation appointment.

We look forward to providing you with excellent service and working with you to complete this project. We want to hear from you, so if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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